Digital Transformation & Narrowband-IoT Technologies

We Believe Innovation Requires
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NB-IoT Wireless Electronic Shelf Displays

We are confident about our system integration, that clear goals, a long-term technology investment philosophy, a balanced portfolio, and return investment path to your technology goals.

There’s investing, and there’s Smart Wireless NB-IoT Technology Investing.

We’re the latter, we’re better!

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Why You Need Wireless Electronic Shelf Display System Integration?


We help you in creating an advanced technology and strategy that represents your company personality. Getting to know you is Middlepole’s primary goal.

It’s time for an advanced technology and strategy that puts your needs and priorities front and center.

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Wireless Electronic Shelf Displays & RFID Narrowband-IoT Technologies

We Offer

NB-IoT Network Technology

Narrowband-IoT  Network Technology Solutions

Wireless Electronic Shelf Display & RFID Technologies

Wireless Electronic Display & RFID Tags Design & Development

Long Distance Communication Technology

We have a solution for the Long Distance NB-IoT & RFID Communication

Digital Innovation NB-IoT Technology

Building a strategic contactless design, development and expansion plan is vital, as the next generation of our NB-IoT technologies…


Middlepole’s Innovative Wireless Electronic Shelf Displays in Australia


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Our Wireless Network Solution



Any company’s level of expertise, can be easily checked when it comes to proven cases…
We stockpiled hundreds of successful innovative business solutions throughout the 25 years long history we’re in this business. Here are the best examples of our diligent and efficient advice for small and big companies.

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(AI- ITIS) Infrared Thermal Imaging Solutions


(AI- FDS) Detection Solution




Digital Transformation!





System Integration

Wireless Electronic Display Technology

For many years I worked for one of Australia’s most innovative company’s in the development and manufacturing teams, until the company moved overseas in 2004. That’s when I decided to strike out and start my own innovation company. Since then, I have been working and developing on innovative technology products to support Australian businesses.  Middlepole has shown a steady year on year growth over the last 5 years, which can be directly attributed to timely and accurate advice by Middlepole’s team of professionals.


As the Middlepole’s innovative solutions, we always faced a tough technology competition in our field of market. It’s only gotten worse since the Covid-19 hit us in 2020. But talking about the future should be the job of brave and innovative people like us ! we have been working with our technology partners to being able to launch a new product “AI-FDS ” into the community. “Artificial Intelligence Solution”


As we’re managing the aspects of your business,

Your revenue continues to grow.

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